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About Us

We are a top-tier financial firm that specializes in advising, tax, and assurance services, and we are committed to fostering long-term connections not just with our customers but also with all the communities and with one another anywhere in New York and Long Island. We guide our clients to help them navigate the constantly shifting landscape of the financial world.

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We blend free-flowing knowledge with our financial services to help you grow potentially.


Trust & Estate Planning

We have experience dealing with high-net-worth individuals, company owners, family offices, and multi-generational wealthy families. Our consultants can assist in coordinating an estate plan that meets your goals and gives you and your family peace of mind.


Retirement Plan

It is difficult to maintain a retirement plan that fulfills your needs and complies with all relevant rules and regulations. It is understandable that plan sponsors would seek fiduciary relief given the various fiduciary obstacles they must overcome. The retirement plan service model from our experts offers fiduciary protections and detailed instructions.


Income Tax Planning & Compliance

Our wealth tax experts deal with private citizens, corporate executives, family offices, and company owners. We begin by comprehending your objectives, then create ways to meet those objectives while limiting liabilities. We possess the technological capacity to satisfy your most difficult requirements while offering creative solutions and improved clarity.


Employ Benefit Plan

We are providing high-quality employee compensation auditing and integrity consulting services with the goal of assisting plan sponsors in meeting regulatory requirements. Our mission is to provide highly specialized financial services and this is why we have qualified specialists in our team.

What Makes Us Different

Finance Sharp is among the best network of financial and accounting firms, and we are proud to call ourselves an independent member of this network. We are united in our commitment to providing great customer service, having unrivaled regional expertise, and having a lasting influence on the community. We are aware of the significance of efficiently developing and running a strategy despite the presence of severe regulations in the surrounding environment.

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